Put Onions Under Your Feet While You Sleep and See What Happens! You, Will Thank Us!

Socks and onions? How are they connected? What if we asked you to put onions into your socks while you were lying down? The thought of it might make you feel a bit nauseous right now, but this trick can actually make your life way easier and pleasant.

Once you tried the onion trick, you will know how much good it does to your body and you will keep using it whenever you need it. If you are now wondering how onions, placed in your socks, can help you during your sleep then we’d advise you to jump to the next page as it allows you to discover the secret behind this trick.

We are sure you will thank us after you have taken a closer look at this genius, yet simple method.

No one would deny the medicinal properties of onions. After all, scientists have proven over and over again how onions can be beneficial to our health. Even though onions are quite ordinary and inconspicuous, the benefits they can bring are often magical. 

And this is exactly why we prepared this list to give you an understanding of all the little problems this wonderful vegetable can solve. We also explain how to use onions and added a video to make things even easier for you.

Let’s start then!

7.The common cold

Have you been exposed to unstable weather and caught a cold? Or did you get infected by one of the numerous circulating flu viruses? Onions can reduce the unpleasant symptoms of a common cold. Simply put onions into your socks and place them under your soles before going to bed. The onions will help strengthen your body overnight and you might already feel better in the morning.

Past generations used to place onions on the pillow of the bed in order to help against sickness. The trick behind this hasn’t changed and still works. So try it out!

Check out the video to discover other ways in which you can use onions placed in socks.


Onions have antibiotic properties and placing them beneath your feet increases the body’s ability to fight infections. Of course, it is important not to forget that this treatment is not suitable to replace prescription medications given to you by a doctor. Instead, this method works as an additional treatment and can lessen the unpleasant symptoms of your sickness.

5. Toxins

No matter how or where you live, toxins are found in all environments. Most of them are flushed out of our bodies quite quickly, while others accumulate in the blood and become harmful to our health. Onions contain phosphoric acid which helps the body cleanse itself from toxins. If you apply onions regularly, you can help your body become more vigorous and healthy.

4. The moisture content of the body

Onions contain a lot of moisture, in fact, 90% of the onion is actually water. Interestingly, our bodies have acupuncture points through which meridians that support the function of the organs pass. These acupuncture points help the meridians to equally distribute water around the body. Putting onions beneath your feet can help rehydrate the body. This is especially useful if you forgot to drink enough during the day.

On the next page, we’ll give you 3 practical tips on how to get the most out of your onions.

You can watch our video at the end of the article. 

3.Immune system

Onions are a great source of Vitamin E and C and both of these are essential for our immune system. Not only that, but they are also powerful antioxidants and are believed to have anti-aging effects. Considering that, onions not only boost your immune system, they also keep you young and less reliant on expensive creams or even aesthetic interventions.

2. Lose weight

The thyroid gland is a very important organ as it makes sure there is the right hormonal balance in your body. Many of the hormones it secretes are directly related to the number of calories your body burns during the night. Try sleeping with an onion under your feet for a week in order to stimulate your thyroid gland. Needless to say, if you notice there is something wrong with your thyroid gland, you should contact a doctor immediately.

1. Lungs

If you’ve been smoking and decided to quit at some point in your life, your body is likely still cleansing itself from some of the harmful substances stuck in your lungs. This is especially relevant to people who have just stopped smoking recently as the body has to work very hard to clear all the tar and other substances from the lungs. Putting onions in your socks during the night can help your body remove these toxins and might speed up your recovery period after smoking tobacco. The same method can be used for people that live in areas with high air pollution.