12 Things Your Poop Says About Your Health


Paying attention to your bowel movements may sound disgusting, but it is pretty essential. Your bowel habits are a good indicator of how well your digestive system is working. Changes in your stool’s shape, color, and texture can indicate an infection, digestive problems, or more severe health issues, such as cancer.

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But how do you know if your stool is healthy? Piedmont gastroenterologist Michael Cheng, M.D., responds to this probing question.

Dr. Cheng defines healthy stool as “a soft, formed bowel movement that is typically brownish in color.” If you notice a change in their bowel habits, such as constipation or diarrhea, or detects a change in your stool color, this could be an indication of a health problem. There may also be a problem if a person exhibits signs or symptoms of illness, such as abdominal discomfort, nausea, a change in appetite, or a weight change.”
However, here are few signs to pay attention to.

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Poop shape

If you still don’t think watching your droppings is normal, some scientific research may persuade you. Bristol Royal Infirmary scientists developed the Bristol stool chart to help people distinguish between different types of poop and stay healthy. It defines seven different types of feces and what they mean.

Type 7: Separate solid lumps reminiscent of nuts or goat feces.

Description: small, hard and loose droppings, resembling hazelnuts and difficult to pass

Meaning: This type of stool indicates that your body is deficient in fiber. To remedy this, consume more fiber-rich foods such as wholewheat pasta, raspberries, and lentils.

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